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mobilee in America!

The Hi Five! mobilee Tour has been taking over Europe, hosting some epic parties and celebrating our 5th anniversary only as it should be done. Now an all-star crew of mobilee artists have crossed land and sea, to embark on the US leg of the tour...get ready America!

We always love coming to party in America and to catch up with our friends overseas, and thanks to those friends we have been able to organise some very special parties in the US this year.

So if you are in any of the following cities on these dates, make sure you come and join Anja Schneider, And.Id and Ralf Kollmann for some 'Hi Five!' nights to remember...

10.09.10 Hi Five San Francisco! @ Compound / San Francisco

Anja Schneider / And.Id live- / Clint Stewart

Hi Five San Francisco! on R.A

Hi Five San Francisco! on Facebook

11.09.10 Hi Five Los Angeles! @ Ecco Hollywood / Los Angeles

Anja Schneider / Ralf Kollmann / And.Id live-

Hi Five Los Angeles! on R.A

Hi Five Los Angeles! on Facebook

12.09.10 Hi Five Chicago! @ Green Dolphin / Chicago

Anja Schneider / And.Id live- / Dory

Hi Five Chicago! on R.A

Hi Five Chicago! on Facebook

17.09.10 Hi Five Miami! @ Electric Pickle / Miami

Anja Schneider / And.Id live-

Hi Five Miami! on R.A

Hi Five Miami! on Facebook

Posted on August 24th, 2010

Hi Five! mobilee World Tour

This Summer we are not just celebrating five successful years of mobilee records, but also the fact that we are still loving what we do and there is a lot more to come! As well as release a compilation to mark the occasion, we also wanted to create some memorable moments and what better way to do it than with the 'Hi Five! mobilee' World Tour 2010....

The European leg of the tour is well underway and there have been some fantastic ‘Hi Five! mobilee’ parties. Over the next few months, an all-star selection of mobilee artists including Anja Schneider, Pan-Pot, Sebo K, And.Id, Miss Jools and many more will be crossing land and sea, visiting almost all continents and bringing the mobilee sound and visuals to clubs all over the world – so get ready to dance!

Keep your eyes peeled for when they will be in a town or city near you. Here is a list of confirmed dates so far:

10.09.10 Hi Five San Francisco! @ Compound / San Francisco
Anja Schneider / And.Id –live- / Clint Stewart

11.09.10 Hi Five Los Angeles! @ Ecco Hollywood / Los Angeles
Anja Schneider / Ralf Kollmann / And.Id –live-

12.09.10 Hi Five Chicago! @ Green Dolphin / Chicago
Anja Schneider / And.Id –live- / Dory

17.09.10 Hi Five Miami! @ Electric Pickle / Miami
Anja Schneider / And.Id –live-

02.10.10 Hi Five Hamburg! @ egO / Hamburg
Anja Schneider / Sebo K / Miss Jools

08.10.10 Hi Five Guayaquil! @ MoMu / Guayaquil
Anja Schneider / Miss Jools

09.10.10 Hi Five Medellin! @ Forum / Medellin
Anja Schneider / Miss Jools

16.10.10 Hi Five La Paz! @ Lapaztok Festival / La Paz
Anja Schneider / Miss Jools

21.10.10 Hi Five Santiago! @ Obs / Santiago
Anja Schneider / Miss Jools

23.10.10 Hi Five Sao Paulo! @ D-Edge / Sao Paulo
Anja Schneider / Miss Jools

12.11.10 Hi Five Paris! @ Showcase / Paris
Anja Schneider / Sebo K / Hector

21.11.10 Hi Five Singapore! @ Zouk / Singapore
Anja Schneider / Pan-Pot

26.11.10 Hi Five Nagoya! @ Radix / Nagoya
Anja Schneider / Pan-Pot

04.12.10 Hi Five Liverpool! @ Silo / Liverpool
Anja Schneider / Dan Curtin / Ralf Kollmann

There are still some 'Hi Five! mobilee' dates available so if you are interested in being a part of it and booking a special line-up of mobilee artists, please contact the mobilee booking department at booking [at] mobilee-records [dot] de.

See you on the road!

Posted on August 17th, 2010

Fun in the Sun .... a Sonar review

This year was a very special Sonar for mobilee and one that will not be easily forgotten! In celebration of 'Hi Five! mobilee' we hosted a four day extravaganza of parties lasting the whole week...

As well as the label showcase at City Hall, we partied out at sea on the mobilee boat and also, in keeping with tradition, held two parties on the rooftop of the Hotel Diagonal in conjunction with guest labels Diynamic and Supplement Facts. It's certainly taken us a while to recover, but it was 100% worth it.

Thanks to all of you that joined us to party in the sun and make it an epic Sonar 2010. Here is a collection of photographs to look back and also some short clips and movies on the mobilee Vimeo channel that we made. Special thanks to AKG and RA for making everything possible!



Thanks to UrbanStyleMag, Chris James Edwards, Rubén Salgado Excudero and Sebastian Radlmeier for the photographs.


We also have a collection of recordings from some of the artists who played at the parties. Check out this dedicated page for mobilee @ Sonar 2010 on Play FM, happy listening!

Live and Dj Sets from mobilee at Sonar

Posted on August 4th, 2010

Berlin. Beats. Boats .... all aboard!

Summer is definitely the time for alternative partying and taking the fun outside! Beaches, parks, streets, you name it - we'll do it...

Last Saturday in Berlin, 'Stadt. Strand. Fluss' took the fun to the water, where we had our very own mobilee Summertime vessel and partied afloat the River Spree!

Pan-Pot, Ralf Kollmann, Dan Curtin and And.Id (live) were all aboard providing perfect sets to get the boat rocking and create waves for the other floats from Circoloco & Fumakilla, Home Sweet Home, M-nus, Thaibreak & Chaca Chaca, Get Physical & Souvenir, Still Vor Talent & Flex, Level Non Zero & Moonharbour, Oslo and Club der Visionäre.

What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon - thanks to everyone that made it aboard! Here are some pics:

And check out the videos ...

Posted on August 4th, 2010

mobilee at Bar 25 this Thursday!

If you are in Berlin this week, don't miss the chance to come and Hi Five! the mobilee crew at Bar 25 ...

If you have read about the special nights that Berlin's infamous Bar 25 can offer then you will know you are in for a treat. Joining the all-star selection of mobilee artists will be Undercover Lover and San Fransisco based Clint's going to be a long night!

Anja Schneider
Miss Jools
Undercover Lover
Ralf Kollmann
Clint Stewart


Posted on August 2nd, 2010

mobilee records in Urban Style Magazine... Hi Five!

The 'Hi Five! mobilee' celebrations are going strong and in celebration of mobilee's success to date, Urban Style Magazine in caught up Anja Schneider, And.Id and Dan Curtin to discuss music and all things mobilee..

Urban Style Magazine in Greece are close supporters of mobilee records and were very proud when And.Id, hailing from Greece himself, released his spectacular Back to Back Vol.4 featuring jazz interpretations of classic mobilee releases on our label.

To put mobilee in the spotlight once more, they caught up with Anja Schneider, And.Id and Dan Curtin, to talk about the history of the label, what is coming up in the future and more ...

Enjoy the read!

mobilee in Urban Style Magazine

Posted on July 14th, 2010
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