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Brand New 'Hi Five! mobilee' T-Shirts!

If you are looking for some new garments to hit the festivals and clubs with, we've got a brand new collection of 'Hi Five! mobilee' T-Shirts for you to get your hands on, featuring the exclusive 'Hi Five! mobilee' tour artwork in three different colours - magenta, black and turquoise...

They come in male and female sizes and are produced by a special local brand, 'German Garment', which was set up by four creatives - actor Matthias Schweighöfer, TV Presenter Joko Winterscheidt, Berlin fashion designer Killian Kerner and Head of Paso Music Label Sebastian Radlmeier. The label stands proud by the fact that all garments are produced on German soil, and they do not disappoint with their high quality finish and designs, as you will see with our new customized collection. T-shirt design by

They're on sale now, so get your own mobilee makeover starter kit today. We are opening our online shop soon but until then you can order your t-shirt today by e-mailing store [at] mobilee-records [dot] de.

The price is €39 and they are available in sizes M-L in Magenta, Turquoise and Black on White for both men and women.

Order at: store [at] mobilee-records [dot] de

Posted on July 13th, 2010

Berlin, Beats & Boats!

Summer is the time for alternative partying and taking the fun outside! Stadt. Strand. Fluss. in Berlin is a perfect example and this year, mobilee are preparing to party afloat the waters amongst the fleet of raving floats...

Amongst a variety of party vessels, mobilee will leading the way with Pan-Pot, Ralf Kollmann, Martin Landsky, Dan Curtin and And.Id (live) spinning the tunes..

For a full day of fun, tickets are 25 Euros and available here: Tickets for mobilee boat

The float sets sail at 12.30 at Hansabrücke

We look forward to seeing you there!

Posted on June 6th, 2010

mobilee presents Dan Curtin's 'Lifeblood' album tour at Fabric this weekend!

In case you missed an epic mulletover in London last Saturday with Sebo K, Anja Schneider and Rodriguez Jr, don't worry as the mobilee family are back this weekend to present Dan Curtin's 'Lifeblood' at Fabric and rock the city once again!

Only a couple of months ago, Dan Curtin released 'Lifeblood'. As his first album in three years and his ninth in total, we were very proud to have the highly anticipated release on mobilee records.

To celebrate the release, Dan Curtin is now on the road - taking his epic live set all around Europe, accompanied each time with a selection of mobilee artists.

This weekend at Fabric he will be joined by Martin Landsky, Hector and And.Id (live):

mobilee presents Dan Curtin's 'Lifeblood' album tour, Fabric

You can check out the full listing of the 'Lifeblood' album tour dates here:

Dan Curtin's 'Lifeblood' Album Tour Dates

Posted on June 2nd, 2010

'Hi Five mobilee!' with Anja Schneider in Urban Catarsis Magazine BCN

Urban Catarsis Magazine in Barcelona recently caught up with And.Id to talk about his edition of the mobilee Back To Back compilation series and all-things-jazz, and this month they managed to have a long talk with Anja Schneider...

It's not easy running a label and juggling a busy international touring schedule, as well as scheduling lengthy spells in the studio...but somehow Anja Schneider manages to do it, and she loves doing it!

Urban Catarsis had a long chat with Anja about mobilee records, where it's come from, where it's going and just how she manages to keep it all running smoothly. For all our Spanish fans, check out the interview here and enter the competition to win invitations to our parties on the rooftop of the Hotel Diagonal at Sonar this year!

Anja Schneider in Urban Catarsis BCN

Posted on June 2nd, 2010

Pan-Pot on the cover of Kultus³ Magazine

It's been a busy year so far for our Pan-Pot boys, with a heavy touring schedule in Asia and the US. Kultus³ Magazine in the Netherlands managed to catch them to talk about how they started working together, their album and what's coming next ...

When Pan-Pot (Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix) first met at the SAE Institute, surrounded by a sea of rock and hip hop fans, they quickly bonded over their love for electronic music.

From then on they started to work together to create the 'Pan-Pot' of today, who travel around the world tirelessly with their heavy touring schedule, as well as spend hours at home in their studio in Berlin to produce the bombs that have been rocking dancefloors for the past few years.

Kultus³ Magazine caught up with the boys to ask a few questions about the making of Pan-Pot and what lies on the horizon! Check out the full interview on

Watch out for Pan-Pot's massive "Happy Birthday" track on mobilee067 and on the 'Hi Five mobilee!' birthday compilation.

Posted on June 1st, 2010

Sebo K on Red Bull Music Academy Radio!

As a one-off exclusive, check out Sebo K in action at one of his infamous Watergate parties in Berlin on Reb Bull Music Academy Radio ...

Sebo K has been busy touring the globe this year, visiting Japan, Australia, WMC in Miami, as well as a mini US tour with Anja Schneider and Pan-Pot to New York, San Fransisco and L.A. He still had time, however, to pop back to Berlin and host one of his renowned parties at Watergate 'Sebo K and Friends' and keep his home town family happy. Check out a special recording of one of his homecoming sets exclusively on Red Bull Music Academy Radio here...enjoy!

Posted on May 7th, 2010
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