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five questions with ... Dan Curtin

On the arrival of his ninth album 'Lifeblood', we caught up with Dan Curtin for a quick chat about the release, his own label Metamorphic and what you can find digging through his record collection ... "The "Lifeblood" is the flow of life energy, emotion, and consciousness that is constantly in motion between all life, and I wanted to tap into this and draw on it as my inspiration for the music on the album."

You have just released 'Lifeblood' on mobilee records, what was the thinking behind this title?

The "Lifeblood" is the flow of life energy, emotion, and consciousness that is constantly in motion between all life, and I wanted to tap into this and draw on it as my inspiration for the music on the album. I thought of the concept before I started, it was the whole point of the album. The tracks work with the title, or better, the concept of the Lifeblood, because each one was inspired or drawn from this flow of energy. Listen to the words and feel the melodies in 'Breath' for example, this is clear example of what I am talking about.

You have your own imprint Metamorphic, how are things going with the label and what do you have in mind for the future?

Metamorphic has been my baby for a long time! I release material on Metamorphic when it comes to me. I don't really seek it out or try to maintain a release schedule, so I only end up releasing a couple each year. But that is OK, the whole point of the label is to release exactly what I want from a small roster of artists without any restrictions or worry, Metamorphic is all about the love of the music. Next release coming this spring is an EP entitled 'Entanglements' produced by myself under my Planetary alias, and after that...well, we'll just have to see what flows my way!

It's your ninth album, which is an incredible feat! How would you say this album, and the making of it, differs from your previous full length releases?

To be honest making the music for the album is the easy part because it comes naturally. The feat is all of the work involved in producing, promotion, and releasing the album in a changing market and thankfully the mobilee team are very good at what they do so they make this all happen smoothly! As far as the differences between this album and others, well that is hard to describe because they are more emotional than technical, something better felt than described!

If you could collaborate with another artist who would it be and why?

It would have been J Dilla because he was a master at translating sentiment into something audible, to make the machines come alive, and to witness this first hand in the studio would have been something special.

Can you take us through your record collection and tell us a bit about it?

My oldest purchases go back to early hip hop from when I was 12 or so, Marly Marl, T La Rock, stuff like that, then you'll find a small-ish goth/ new wave/ industrial/ synth-pop section from bands like The Cure, Front 242, Cocteau Twins and lots of the Factory Records material, I tended to favour the dark side of those styles, then it goes into house. Starting from about 1987 on it's all house and techno, and since then I never looked back until a couple of years ago when hip hop started becoming really important to me again. The other big part of my collection is the vintage section that I accumulated when digging for records to sample, I have a lot of funk and soul and disco in there which is mainly what I look for when digging, but you never know what you will find! My newest purchase is the new Omar S remix EP on FXHE. If I want to chill with music I'll throw on some ambient, deep house, or instrumental hip hop.

Posted on April 19th, 2010

Dan Curtin 'Lifeblood' out now!

When an artist, as highly renowned as Dan Curtin, decides to make a new album AND he chooses to release it on mobilee records, it’s definitely time to celebrate! As his first album in three years and his ninth in total, it’s a highly anticipated release by a technical master and creative force, and one that was well worth the wait.

Beginning in the early '90s, Curtin established an inimitable brand of machine soul on releases for Strictly Rhythm, Peacefrog, Sublime and many others, and he hasn't slowed down since—including three recent singles for Mobilee and her sister label Leena, not to mention Curtin's own acclaimed Metamorphic label, which continues to chart the deepest recesses of electronic dance music.

Curtin has never shied away from the album format, using the medium again and again as a vehicle for exploring ideas that don't fit conveniently on the space of a 12". Lifeblood is no different. Refreshingly varied and remarkably cohesive, it's a welcome reminder of techno's expressive potential.

Lifeblood Tour Dates

To accompany the release, Dan Curtin is taking his unique sounds across the globe on the 'Lifeblood' tour. You can catch him on the following dates:

23.04.2010 Lifeblood album tour @ Vaudeville Brussels/Belgium
30.04.2010 mobilee @ Panorama Bar Berlin/Germany
01.05.2010 Lifeblood album tour @ Four Elements Ancona /Italy
22.05.2010 Lifeblood album tour @ egO Hamburg/Germany
23.05.2010 Lifeblood album tour @ Harry Klein München/Germany
05.06.2010 Lifeblood album tour @ Fabric London/ UK
16.06.2010 mobilee 5 years @ Sonar Festival Barcelona/Spain
19.06.2010 Lifeblood album tour @ Efir Club St. Petersburg/Russia
10.07.2010 Lifeblood album tour @ Romy S Stuttgart/Germany
06.08.2010 Lifeblood album tour @ Badeschiff Vienna/Austria
13.08.2010 Lifeblood album tour @ Régine Club Paris/France


Dan Curtin has also been busy in the mix, preparing not just one, but two podcasts for the popular Little White Earbuds and Ibiza Voice series. Whilst the Little White Earbuds 'Dirty Sexy' mix will warm you up and get you into the groove, the Ibiza Voice will send you spinning and dancing through the night. Enjoy!

Mr. Bean Do An E Video

Check out Time Out New York's review of the release and enjoy the video for the album single 'Mr Bean Do An E' Dj Madskillz remix ...

Posted on April 19th, 2010

Pan-Pot nominated for Beatport Awards 2010

It's been a busy start to the year for Pan-Pot .. as well as touring Asia and the US, they have released remixes on Cocoon and Paragraph, and now they have been nominated as Top Minimal Artist on Beatport Awards - go boys!

If you're a fan of Pan-Pot, then cast your votes and show your support here ...

Vote for Pan-Pot as best minimal artist on Beatport!

Since the massive success of their release 'Confronted' last year on mobilee, this year they have been working on remixes for Cocoon recordings and also Paragraph. Check out the releases here:

Slam - Room 2 - Pan-Pot Remixes (Paragraph)

Phil Kieran - Shh - Pan-Pot Remix (Cocoon)

Pan-Pot DJ Set - Blk Market, New York 03.04.2010

Pan-Pot DJ Set @ Blk Market mobilee showcase NYC 2010 by Mobilee records

Posted on April 2nd, 2010

mobilee in New York City

After playing and partying hard at the WMC 2010, Anja Schneider, Sebo K and Pan-Pot set off tirelessly on a mini US tour! Check out the pictures here of the special Blk Market label showcase in New York on the 3rd April ...

Posted on April 1st, 2010

And.Id's mobilee Back to Back Tour diary

And.Id's fourth installment of the celebrated mobilee Back to Back compilation recently brought him a lot of attention and admiration. The jazz interpretations of some classic mobilee releases on disc 2, which he recorded in the studio with his B.A.N.D., were an incredibly unique approach to presenting mobilee's catalogue to the world, and also an impressive demonstration of his wide range of musical talents. He is currently on the Back to Back tour, bringing his sound to dance floors across Europe and we managed to persuade him to document his travels to give you an idea of life on the road ...

PARIS 13/2
CDG airport now…14:42 local time.. Just arrived with a cab. I haven't had much time to visit the city, but I had a mini walk to the Eiffel Tower only for one hour this morning.. Fortunately my driver was kind enough to show me around the city by car yesterday evening when he was driving me from the airport to the hotel. I love Paris ... I like the small cafes and restaurants along the sides the streets. It reminds me of home. The party was good! Regine club is great and the people too. I played from 2.30-3.30. The crowd seemed to enjoy my set .. after me Hector played a nice housey dj set .. It was a long night though, and I had to help him get back to the hotel..tequila…no? Hector was staying a few more days to see Paris, so the guys invited him to play again the next night ... I have to go to Bologna ..14:53. A Japanese crew of girls just left from the waiting chairs in front of me. They were taking pictures and one of them was pretending to give a blow job with her sandwich .. crazy…. I almost forgot! Arc De Triumph or circle of death.. :) everybody here drives like crazy.. if you want to survive you have to avoid incoming cars .. dangerous but at the same time funny! French people are crazy.. Highlight at the airport - the security guy that was checking my equipment was wondering where it the first channel on my midi controller was.. Bonjour monsieur .. do u speak French? No! Ok…nobody is perfect! 15:02..ok I'm stopping now… I'm looking forward to coming flight is at 15.55..I wait..I hate waiting..but this is why I'm getting

Harry Klein, one of my favorites clubs at the moment.. I always enjoy to be here. This was a great night and one where I felt really reworded for my work - the people where shouting in every break down that I made! and of course, the best feeling is when everyone is clapping their hands at the end of your set ...

I'm chilling in the hotel with my bro Locke..we are totally crazy without sleep..we can get no sleep.. We have another person with us..he followed us from Munich..he is not real..he was real enough to make the Harry Klein toilet brush to dance like crazy..who are you mr? Anyway I leave him for the moment. Anja was knocking on the door before..she wanted to smoke so badly and she did not have fire.. Ok ….we will meet in the hotel's bar in a while so she can smoke and we can drink some alcohol! 20.27.. I have to get dressed now..

14.20 The trio of stooges..we just had our breakfast and we are boarding in 5 mins.. the night turned out to be good.. We had lot of fun with Albi and Miki… I still believe that they are MAFIA! After the club we went to eat.. sear gnusprich..madness in the car, madness in kebab shop.. I found a new friend Tunisian friend.. I had a very nice virgin sandwich only with salad..we grabbed some beers and we went to the hotel.. We end up in a room talking stories and smoking … while Miki was traveling back to his planet and Anja was back in her room... Oh! I forgot about our friend..yeah! The invisible one.. we lost him somewhere in the club! I don't know what happened.. I stop now.. Anja is showing us some iphone photos from yesterdays' dinner :)

After a difficult flight we landed at last at Geneva airport..some times is seems even difficult very hard to handle regular flights! We drove for almost an hour and ended up in the small city of Lausanne. Our hotel was an old beautiful! We checked in (the girl on the reception was beautiful) and we went straight to soundcheck!! Mad club is big! with very good sound..I'm really looking forward to the party.. In fact in the big building that hosts Mad club, there is a very cozy restaurant, a bar and in the basement a small and special venue for special circumstances.. Time for dinner now..we will not come back after dinner for a rest so we take or our stuff (my equipment and Anja's records) with us.. As I just mentioned Mad hosts a restaurant.. with an amazing atmosphere and very nice people.. A jazz trio is playing live and I'm amazed at their sound! A keyboard player, a drummer and a sax player.. so we enjoyed our dinner while we were listening to really nice live music!! A couple of hours later it was time to go downstairs to the club.. We had a small photo shoot session with the photographer of the club..all artists that play there have their portrait on small screens in the club.. People start to come..time to rock!... By the time I was on stage and ready to begin, the dance floor was packed. The only problem was that the dj booth was too high and I could not have contact with the crowd. As the promoter told me later, they plan to change it and make another structure for the dj booth... I enjoy my set a lot! The next day was also rewarding, I realise that Lausanne is built near a big lake..surrounded by mountains and you can nearly see the famous Mont Blac mountain! It's a beautiful sight... I enjoy the ride while the promoter drives us to the airport.. Now we have to fly back to base!


Posted on March 29th, 2010

Anja Schneider Bodytonic podcast and Beatportal interview

To celebrate her new release on mobilee, "iThought", Anja prepared a special Mädchen's Favourites mix for the Bodytonic podcast series.

It really is a treat, with cuts from Villalobos, Josh Wink and Moodymann, check it out for yourself on bodytonicmusic.

A recommended read while listening is Philip Sherburne's interview with Anja over at Beatportal talking about the mobilee five years anniversary and upcoming panorama bar night.

Posted on February 23rd, 2010
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