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Sebo K goes to Australia!

That's right, whilst we are all braving the winter, Sebo K is riding the waves in Australia, enjoy some sunshine and spinning some tunes. What a better way to come back if you've had your head in your books for almost a year, than with a trip to Australia!

After an extended pause whilst he focused on his exams for a business diploma, Sebo K was back with a release on mobilee at the end of last year, "Spirits", which featured in the Groove Magazine January charts and was also No.6 in the RA Top 50 charted tracks for December! This month, he has ventured to Australia for the first time, tearing up dance floors from Sydney to Perth. He stopped off in Tokyo to play at the Warehouse on the way and for his return, he will be calling in on Singapore to play at WeLoveHouse @ the Zouk club on the 12th February.

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Posted on February 2nd, 2010

mobilee on Play FM

As well as serving up a tasty monthly mix in the mobilee podcast series, we want you to be able to check out all mobilee artist mixes and live recordings, which you can now do on Play FM!

We have been updating our online account with radio and mix-aggregating platform Play FM where from now on you will always have access to the latest mobilee mixes. Tracklistings will always be posted when possible, with 'click to buy' links so that you can get them straight away!

To check out the mobilee records label page go here ...

For the radio show, which will feature all of our podcasts, go here ...

Posted on February 2nd, 2010

Dan Curtin releases Lifeblood

That's right, the whispers have started and they are true, a new album by Dan Curtin is around the corner, and he will be releasing it on mobilee. Hear an exclusive preview of the album here first!

As no stranger to the album format, this is Dan's ninth full-length release and also his first in three years, which we think is ample cause for celebration. A bona fide legend of Midwestern American techno, Curtin has used the album medium again and again as a vehicle for exploring ideas that don't fit conveniently on the space of a 12". Lifeblood is no different. Refreshingly varied and remarkably cohesive, it's a welcome reminder of techno's expressive potential.

To wet your palette, we have a special 40 minute album pre-listening teaser for you to enjoy. If you are in interested in booking Dan on his album tour through from April to June, please get in contact with the mobilee booking department.

Posted on January 1st, 2010

Five Questions with Martin Landsky

We are very pleased to introduce a new member to the mobilee bookings roster: Martin Landsky. Martin is a highly sought after DJ and at the same time a very well respected producer, to which his impressive discography gives evidence. We caught up with him in a short interview to find out a bit about how his career began, what music means to him and how he would describe a perfect meal.

How long have you been deejaying for? How did you get started and how do you keep yourself motivated and inspired to carry on?

Uhhh ... it´s been ages. I started to dj as a very very young kid at private parties, which was way before house and techno was invented. Professionally, I have been doing it for 15 years at least. It’s hard to say what keeps me going, maybe the music? =) But actually when you are a dj for such a long time, you go through light and shade. It has not always been easy to keep myself motivated, but in the end I always come to the conclusion that this is really what I want to do. Music, and the effect it can have on people and their minds is so satisfying, every time. If only teleportation had been invented already ... travelling is really the one most exhausting aspect of djing, physically and mentally...

If you could make a chart listing the most important things in your life, where would music feature in the chart and what else would you include?

Music would definitely be very near the top of the chart, maybe not the number one though, as health and food are also quite important to stay alive. Music is the only thing in my life that has always been able to change my state of mind immediately. A certain song can make me happy when I am sad, or when I’m totally happy it can depress me so that I am on the verge of suicide. I can´t count the situations where music just made me cry like a river without any obvious reason. Music stimulates so many senses in me and not just my ears, it´s hard to describe, but I think I could almost live with music as my only friend...I know that might sound slightly pathetic, but that is honestly how I experienced music when I was young and I want to show and convince people of this elementary power that music is able to have (and I am not talking electronic music only here). However, back to the chart and before I get into real trouble...yes, my family, love, friends etc are also as very important to me...;-)

If you weren't living in Berlin, where in the world would you choose to live and why?

About ten years ago I chose Berlin as the place I wanted to be my home, and for good reasons. I really can´t think of another place at the moment where I´d like to live as much. Of course, there are many nice places all around the world where I am happy to stay for a while, but not to live. If one day I move away from Berlin, it will definitely be to a sunnier and warmer place, especially in winter times. The winter is actually the most annoying thing about Berlin....

Some people have said that to be a good dj is nearly the same as cooking a perfect meal. What has to be in your perfect meal?

Yes that´s a good comparison, as djing is not about one or two great records that you play, but rather about the impression the whole set leaves behind. In the same way as a good meal is not about the one perfect course but about the whole menu. A good menu should tell a story through ups and downs. It should satisfy all your senses, it should fill you and it should surprise you. If a menu makes you try something you would never have thought of trying since you always thought you wouldn't like it, and you end up enjoying it, then yes I would say “that was a perfect meal“! That´s the same with a good dj set - if it makes you dance, cry, scream, laugh and it surprises you with emotions from a particular kind of music you always thought wasn’t your cup of tea, yeah, hell that´s what I call a perfect dj set! ... and you will never forget a great meal or dj set for the rest of your life …

What projects have you got coming up in the future that we can look forward to ?!

Recently I have done a remix for Burnski´s "Freaky" on Morris Audio and also a new 12" on Poker Flat “We Are Streaking”. I have also done a remix for Pan-Pot´s burner "Confronted", which is going to be released on mobilee in December. I have some other tracks that are in progress for next year and right now I am working on a kind of album/compilation project for Poker Flat, which is still a secret, but will definitely see the light of day by February 2010.... Thank you very much... martin landsky

Posted on November 30th, 2009

Sebo K: Safety First

After burying himself in books for the past three years, Sebo K is about to hit the scene full-time. Resident Advisor's Ryan Keeling finds out what happens when school's out.

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Posted on November 19th, 2009

mobilee touch mix gets an update

The mobilee touch mix dj application for iPhone and iPod Touch has been such a success we decided it was time to present you with an update. Check out this video above where we mix in some of the new tracks.

Since it's initial release lot of you enjoy having something to play around with on your iphone and we want to make sure you are playing with the latest mobilee releases including Pan-Pots' "Confronted", And.Id's "First Talk" and Dan Curtins' "Other".

The mobilee touch mix is available in the app store for just 2.39€/2.99$.

Posted on October 10th, 2009
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