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mobilee podcast 005: Exercise One

Fresh from putting the final touches on their debut album In Cars We Rust, Exercise One took the time to create a special podcast mix before heading off on tour. The mix showcases not only the music of Exercise One and their attendant Lan Muzik label but also their diverse musical tastes - from experimentalists Autechre to dubstep genre-benders Martyn and Scuba.

Tracklist: 1. Autechre - Paralel Suns / Warp 2. Exercise One - Transitional Voices / unreleased 3. Silicone Soul - Dust Ballad II / Soma 4. Claro Intelecto - Dependant / Modern Love 5. Jacopo Carreras - Act And Play / unreleased 6. Martyn - Seventyfour / 3024 7. Scuba - Hundreds And Thousands / Hot Flush 8. Touane - BBQ / Lan Muzic 9. Mike Shannon - Dark Star 3000 / Wagon Repair 10. Pulse - Outlaw (Prt. 3) / Harthouse 11. Mirko Loko - Bluebook / Cadenza 12. Sendai - System Policy (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) / T2X 13. Exercise One - 1994 / Mobilee

mobilee podcast 004: Anja Schneider

This month we present to you a very special edition of the mobilee podcast: a live recording of Anja Schneider performing at Fuse, Brussels.

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mobilee podcast 003: Ralf Kollmann

Every organization has a Wizard of Oz type character: the one stays out of the limelight but - when all is said and done - is the brains behind the operation. The third edition of the mobilee records podcast comes courtesy of the Wizard of mobilee: Ralf Kollmann.

Ralf is yet to put his name on any mobilee productions - most likely because he spends his days as the day-to-day label head here at mobilee. But don’t be fooled: this is one business man who is no stranger to the decks. Having founded mobilee in 2005 alongside Anja Schneider, Ralf has been knee-deep in the development of the techno scene since the 90s and has since become one of the central nerves in the spinal system of electronic music that is Berlin. From residencies at Watergate, WMF and Weekend to highly acclaimed sets at renowned clubs and underground parties throughout the world, Ralf has proved that he can just as easily don a pair of heavily tinted sunglasses as he can a suit.

We often use the term „freshly squeezed“ to describe our recent releases here at mobilee; for this mix Ralf has gone beyond fresh and into the ripening stage, hand-picking not only his favorite releases on mobilee and Leena over the past month but also showcasing unreleased, upcoming tracks from Anja Schneider, Falko Brocksieper, Exercise One, and recent mobilee signee Hector.

This is 100% mobilee and pretty damn exclusive (if we do say so ourselves).

  1. Falko Brocksieper – Breezer – Leena010
  2. Hector – untitled – white
  3. Hector – Taking Me For A Ride – mobilee052
  4. GummiHz – Los Los (Djulz Remix) – mobilee049
  5. Hector – Got Fringe? – mobilee052
  6. Falko Brocksieper – Oblivion – Leena010
  7. Sebo K – Diva (Nick Curly Remix) – mobilee 048
  8. Anja Schneider & Lee Van Dowski – Deseo – mobilee050
  9. Anja Schneider & Lee Van Dowski – La Roulette – mobilee050
  10. Lee Van Dowski – The Variable Man – Leena09
  11. Lee Van Dowski – Thomas Coles Lives – Leena09
  12. GummiHz – Isolate (Sebo K Remix) – mobilee015
  13. Pan-Pot – Ape Shall Never Kill Ape (Marco Resmann Remix) – mobilee037
  14. Exercise One feat. Argenis Brito – No News Today (Deadbeat Roller Dub) – mobilee051

mobilee podcast 002: Pan-Pot

On the second episode of the mobilee podcast we bring you the duo of Pan-Pot: two men who have been with us since the beginning and who still continue to churn out some of our best releases. They made their name with classic tracks such as Charly, following their steady stream of high-quality singles with the release of their debut album Pan-O-Rama on mobilee in 2007.

As a live DJ team, Pan-Pot (real names Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix) constantly seek to challenge one another, resulting in spontaneous sets filled with a wide spectrum of styles and which are anything but pre-planned. This mix showcases the wide musical stylings through which Pan-Pot easily navigates, from groovy house to straight-up techno.

mobilee podcast 001: Dan Curtin

We are pleased to present the inaugural edition of the monthly mobilee records podcast mixed by legendary DJ and producer Dan Curtin. Dan has had an extensive and impressive career, beginning with releases on Detroit's famed 33 RPM Records imprint, his EP Tales from the Second Moon and collaborations with Carl Craig. Shortly thereafter Dan set up his own label, Metamorphic Records (home to early recordings by Morgan Geist and Titonton Duvante), and made his first of many marks on the scene with the Planetary and Space EPs. Since then Dan has released a myriad of material on a variety of labels including Strictly Rhythm, Peacefrog, Sublime, Elypsia, Tuning Spork, and Leena.

This podcast is particularly characteristic of the atmosphere of Dan's DJ sets, one he has described as “warm, organic, futuristic and a mixture of styles and sounds.” Starting off calm before it begins to build, this mix is constantly changing directions and energy, giving the listener/dancer something new around every corner. It's a versatile mix, one that you can bump at the beginning of the night or after coming home with the bass still pulsing in your veins.

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