Roots EP

leena014 - Alejandro Vivanco - Roots EP
leena014 - Alejandro Vivanco - Roots EP
Alejandro Vivanco
29 Mar 2010

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

Continuing with the label's tradition of variety and impeccable standards, Leena 014 witnesses another new artist joining the roster, Alejandro Vivanco, who's release "Roots" is the perfect compliment to its predecessors. Unlike the bold arrival of Hermanez' "Necotine", however, "Roots" demonstrates a slightly more subtle entrance, with rising chords that gradually build to create a head spinning frenzy ... a perfect peak time moment of madness that is seemingly never ending. B Side "La Hermandad", has a bigger punch and rolling bass line, with a deeply spoken male vocal saying "Don't Call Me" ... so do as you are told.

Alejandro Vivanco, born in Chile, was introduced to music by his father who played the Tenor saxophone and had a large collection of jazz records. Alejandro's first instrument was the electric guitar, through which he formed a band, but this was quickly followed by an interest in machines and a love for Detroit and Acid House. Within a very short period of time, he was addicted to turntables and became a highly respected DJ. Since 2001, he has been a resident of La Feria in Santiago and his releases include appearances on labels Supernature, Cadenza, Dumb Unit and many more.

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