Black Mamba

mobilee092 - And.Id - Black Mamba
23 Apr 2012

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Written and produced by Andreas Dimitriadis, mobilee’s 92nd release is a compilation of ideas and work developed in three different cities.

The A-side comprises an exotic mix of sounds and quiet beats. A track as unique as the story behind it, the basic idea behind “Black Mamba” was conceived in room 909 at Hotel Diagonal in Barcelona around 7am succeeding a mobilee showcase this year. However 909 is not just any ordinary number, but rather a numerical component in the title of the most famous drum machine in electronic music; the TR Roland 909. And while And.Id is not one to read into superstitions or symbolic fate, he enjoys the humor in this ironic coincidence.

The flip side progressively integrates new sounds and elements. “Air” gets the momentum swinging with surprise instrumentals, an upbeat melody and faint yet joyful cries of celebration. The track’s base was composed on a flight from London to Thessaloniki after a gig, hence the title.

“Girl”, a raw track with minimal edits, rounds-up the B-side. It was improvised and recorded with And.Id’s B.A.N.D. in his Thessaloniki studio. With Tasos Korkovelos on keyboards, Francesco Paolo D'andrea on bass and And.Id playing the trumpet, the trio draw the curtain open, inviting the listeners to feel and experience the energy of musicians working and playing together as individual elements reaching a single goal.

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