First Talk

mobilee055 - And.Id - First Talk
mobilee055 - And.Id - First Talk
24 Aug 2009

Available on is renowned for his live performances in which he integrates both released and unreleased productions, loops, and live use of his trumpet into an incomparably high-energy affair.

After hitting his stride in 2008 with his debut for mobilee “One Is Not Enough” followed by his second release, “Sand on the Floor, - the one-man phenomenon is back for a third round for mobilee’s 55th release entitled "First Talk," an enthralling tech-house release that is as boundless as it is stunning.  The A-side “First Talk” is a bouncing techy track that constantly moves forward and progresses without sounding the least bit rushed, continuously teasing the listener with build-ups that stop just short of peaking.  Combining vintage synths and reverb-laced loops, meticulously plays with dynamics and atmospherics with the end result being a release that constantly moves forward without sounding the least bit rushed.

B1 "Ephoria" maintains a similar level of compelling restraint, with stuttered house beats and melodic undercurrents that morph and shift until they transform into arpeggiated swells leading the track to its endpoint. On B2 "Lights On" displays his darker, more minimal side, taking advantage of lower frequency ranges and recurrent echoes.

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