I Will Be There

mobilee065 - And.Id - I Will Be There
26 Apr 2010

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And.Id is an artist whose musical talents are impressively far-reaching, as his recent installment of the Back to Back series with jazz interpretations of mobilee classics powerfully brought to everyone's attention. Exclusive track "She Was There" was a bomb, and now "I Will Be There" follows suit ... but the question is where are they? The dance floor, which is where you will want to be when you spin this ... Enjoy!

Title track "I Will Be There" lands heavily with a punching kick drum and there is little release before the bass and groove come in, meanwhile B1 „Five“ brings back And.Id's signature jazzy sounds with some melodic piano chords. B2 "Erotica" brings all of the elements together with a strong melodic bass line and punch kick, making it the stand out track of the release. There is something for everybody in this package and it will definitely get you moving...

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