Live Life

mobilee144 - And.Id - Live Life
27 Mar 2015

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AND.ID is a musical force that anyone familiar with Mobilee is well aware of. Since his first release on the label, in 2008, he has gained consistent praise and admiration from record to record as his sound evolved and matured. When he isn't in the studio he is busy touring bringing his one of a kind live show around the world to the masses. Never dull and always pushing himself to the absolute limit you can always expect something new and refreshing from this first-rate storyteller.

Returning home to Mobilee to celebrate the labels tenth year, the Greek born producer brings a new vision and concept to his follow up from last years "Lunar Distance." In his latest venture he tells a story that is true to us all, in our journey we must live our life by learning who we are to become closer to our inner soul. Bringing a serious acid vibe Live Life features three finely crafted tracks that tell his story like a paint brush to canvas and proves that year after year this Mobilee staple can only deliver quality and truly inspiring stories through dance music. ENJOY!


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