One is not enough

mobilee035 - And.Id - One is not enough
mobilee035 - And.Id - One is not enough
17 Mar 2008

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Mobilee proudly welcomes a new producer to the family:, aka Andreas Dimitriadis. Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, Andreas is known for several releases on Cologne’s WARE label as well as remixes for the likes of Si Begg; he’s also a member of NON, the collective behind Thessaloniki’s acclaimed Reworks festival along with many other electronic-music events across Greece.

For his mobilee debut, presents two tracks brimming with dark matter and midnight intensity. “One Is Not Enough” is based upon a punchy, percussive sensibility that fits perfectly into the mobilee aesthetic. Tiny rhythmic patterns lock together like clockworks as they grind ever onward; as it grows beneath a landslide of dub delay, the track fills with tiny, sparkling grains of sound, reminiscent of nothing so much as a mountain of mica. Mournful trumpet blasts add a human touch to a cut that’s split down the middle between ice and fire.

“The Island” eases off on the throttle, cruising into an ominous, shuffling groove. This one’s for the bass-heads: the track rides a cushion of low-end pressure that’s bound to have subwoofers breathing hard.’s melodic bent shines through with a tritone chord progression that heaves like a haunted church organ; stray notes cut like tracers through fog, and a gravelly cello puts its foot down in favor of organic timbres. From the sound of things, there’s no way off this island, but when apocalypse sounds this sexy, we’re not sure why you’d ever want to leave.

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