Sand on the floor

mobilee045 - And.Id - Sand on the floor
mobilee045 - And.Id - Sand on the floor
17 Nov 2008

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It wasn’t too long ago since boarded the mobilee cruise ship and joined it’s musical journey through warm places. On board, packs a shiny trumpet and a magical live set, bringing a unique sound for all passengers to enjoy. Follow the „Sand On The Floor“ on his new journey to Acapulco and listen to the relaxing sounds of techno.

If there is one thing of mobilee records always travels with, it’s sand. Trailing Sand On The Floor where ever he goes is the perfect narration of this warm tropical track as it opens up to mysterious keyboards of retro sequences leading to tribal drum beats of who, what, where, when and why. A trumpet screams of triumph and listeners are taken back after each sweet unsolved melody. An arrangement of light wooden xylophone tapping can be faintly heard in the background as unique instrumentals loop in and out of the track leaving the listener no other choice than to solve the mystery of the sand on the floor.

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