Back to Back Vol.1 - mixed and compiled by Anja Schneider

mobileeCD01 - Anja Schneider - Back to Back Vol.1 - mixed and compiled by Anja Schneider
Anja Schneider
2 Oct 2006

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Whittling down mobilee’s catalogue to nine tracks wasn’t easy, but disc one easily captures every facet of the label, from Sebo K’s opening “Moved (featuring Prosumer)” - a timeless, deep house gem recalling Carl Craig and Innervisions - to Pan-Pot’s fidgety “P.O. Box” and “Black Widow,” which prove that there’s more to “minimal” than simple clickety-clack. Tracks from Exercise One (“Debaya”), Sleeper Thief (“Full of You”) and GummiHz (“Isolate”) round out the collection of corkscrewing grooves, along with both sides of Anja Schneider’s “Lily of the Valley”/”Addicted” single. Best of all, Anja Schneider and Sebo K’s club smash “Rancho Relaxo” is here in all its ragged glory, a reminder of the potency of Detroit’s legacy at a time when so many electronic-music styles seem to have run out of steam.

Disc two is a family affair, a tricky game of telephone carried out on a party line. Exercise One tackles Sebo K’s “Horizons.” Sebo K reworks GummiHz’ “Isolate.” GummiHz take a scalpel to Anja Schneider’s “Addicted,” Anja has her way with Daniel Stefanik’s anthem “The Bells,” and Stefanik—not to be bested—does his magic on Exercise One’s “Debaya.” Letting out their own inner ravers, Pan-Pot take on Anja Schneider & Sebo K’s hit “Rancho Relaxo.” In the only cameo appearance here, London’s Jesse Rose (Dubsided) puts his chunky house signature on Pan-Pot’s “Black Dog.” Finally, Prosumer gets the upper hand on Sebo K, recreating the latter’s “Moved (featuring Prosumer)” in Prosumer’s own image. And you thought dude was just a singer—think again.

“Think again” might as well be mobilee’s motto, for the way the label lays bare the skeleton of rave music—and the way it amplifies Berlin minimal into something throbbing, overwhelming, all-consuming. Watch your back: mobilee is coming up from behind, and Back to Back is the rearview image of the shape of rave to come.

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