Mobilee 184 - Anja Schneider - Changes
Anja Schneider
Mobilee 184
7 Apr 2017

Available on

A sparkling new EP exploring Detroit flavoured house and techno that hints at new beginnings, Anja Schneider’s ‘Changes’ lands on Mobilee in April.

There’s changes in the wind for mobilee boss and Berlin icon Anja Schneider. Busy in the studio over the past year mapping out her next big creative move, she’ll be showcasing this new flourish of creativity with the unveiling of her ‘Changes’ EP, as a prelude to the release of a new full-length album in October.

Reinforcing the versatility and breadth of sound that have come full circle in her new music, the ‘Changes’ EP demonstrates Schneider has little trouble flitting with grace between the heads-down action of a darkened club, across to the sun-soaked afternoons that characterise her mobilee crew’s famous rooftop parties in Barcelona throughout the summer.

It’s the darker vibes that are on display on the A-side, with ‘Changes’ drawing on the enigmatic techno futurism of the Motor City itself. The shimmering melodies at the forefront of the record hark back to some of Detroit’s most iconic dancefloor moments, before giving way to a tougher bassline, percussion and white noise that shape it as a true techno treasure.

Meanwhile on the B-side, ‘Coast Ride’ is built with tighter grooves and sees Schneider buckling up for one of her more driven dancefloor expeditions, embellished with dashes of summery sunshine, courtesy of her accomplished affinity with melody that she has showcased to such powerful effect on records like ‘Rain’ and ‘Jimmy’ the past few years.


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