Diagonal EP

mobilee111 - Anja Schneider - Diagonal EP
Anja Schneider
22 Apr 2013

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Anja Schneider is the mobilee records founder, broadcaster, internationally renowned DJ andproducer once labeled a "perpetual motion machine", and one of the hardest working individualsin the business.

Anja's 2008 opus, her debut album "Beyond the Valley", was released to critical acclaim, with tracks "Belize" and "Safari" dominating charts and dancefloors worldwide. She followed this with "Deseo", mobilee's 50th release, and apair of storming Tech House EPs in 2010, "iThought" and "Pushin" plus a few remixes.

After hiding in the studio for a while with the new label mate Nyma she is finally back on mobilee with her new ep "Diagonal". Enjoy our 111!

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