Hello Boy!

mobilee085 - Anja Schneider - Hello Boy!
Anja Schneider
10 Oct 2011

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€8.50 Vinyl

Having once said that daily life as well as adventurous trips across the globe were the source of her inspiration when making music, it’s obvious which recent event in the world of Anja Schneider formed the basis of her new EP on mobilee records. Whilst she takes a well earned pause and enjoys a very new lease of life, ‚Hello Boy!’ will hit the stores in October.

For this release, she joined Lee Jones in the studio to make something with a twist. With a strong Anja Schneider flavour, title track ‚Hello Boy!’ cleaverly transposes a real sense of excitement and waiting on to the dance floor, with soft mysterious chords and a steady build that works itself into a drop. ‚Rio Bravo’ offers a relief with more of an airy head-spinning feel and ‚Let Me Out’.........well, it’s done now ;)

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