mobilee072 - Anja Schneider - Pushin'
Anja Schneider
6 Dec 2010

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

As someone that wears many hats, including DJ, label owner, producer and radio presenter, Anja Schneider has certainly been juggling them all very successfully this year. Currently on a busy touring schedule in South America and Asia celebrating five years of mobilee records, before leaving for the road she also put aside some time to get back in the studio and produce a brand new EP, mobilee072 'Pushin'.

Whilst she worked on her most recent productions such as 'iThought' and 'Something Left' with Kiki, and also 'Shinkansen' with Lee Van Dowski, this time she partnered once again with Paul Brtschitsch, with whom she co-produced her debut LP 'Beyond The Valley' in 2008. Famed for playing dj-sets that always come with a powerful bass and sexy groove, 'Pushin' is the perfect production equivalent of Anja Schneider´s club performance.

The title track comes with a soulful vocal, whilst A2 Strong Way is intended as a female interpretation of the same track. Meanwhile, B1 Don´t Feel Anything takes you on an eery ride with whispered utterances. Enjoy!

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