Mobilee 169 - Anja Schneider  - Rain
Anja Schneider
Mobilee 169
15 Jul 2016

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Has there been a finer production year than 2016 for Anja Schneider? The influential artist delivers another expertly-crafted two-tracker sure to soundtrack summer.

There’s a certain smile on Anja Schneider’s face these days and it’s got nothing to do with the illusive Berlin summer finally making an appearance. Tucked away in a studio in Berlin’s Pankow district, the artist has been in the midst of arguably the most inspired creative patch of her career.

From the ‘Soul Traveler’ EP she dropped in January that was rated by XLR8R as ‘one of her best for several years’, to her deft remix of Catz ‘N Dogz ‘Joy’ that was rinsed by B.Traits on Radio 1, to the stunning dreamy bliss of ‘Caracus’ – her contribution to the recent Moon Harbour compilation, the Berliner and her studio partner Jan Eric from Autotune, have clearly struck upon something special.

Schneider’s a special artist – make no mistake. Although always working with a range of co-producers over the course of her decade plus career, you can always feel her whimsical sonic cheek and unmistakable groove imprinted on each track, as her tracks grow on you more and more with each curious listen.

Her latest output ‘Rain’ EP is the sound of the artist flexing her musical muscle, embracing and exploring analogue hardware and going deeper to explore the infinite possibilities of the electronic music production palette.

The title track drips with rich velvety soul and a vocal that lingers long past the repeated rewinds you’re sure to give it; it’s ripe for summer, but encapsulates a certain timeless funk that’ll see it receiving love long after the temperature drops. ‘Sunny Side Up’ is sumptuous, plump and jazzy and ozzes a warm rounded feel, thanks to Schneider’s embrace of Jan Eric’s extensive synth collection.

“I loved working with a lot of the old synthesizers such as Oberheim, Virus, Jomox and Chroma Polaris, which gave the tracks a very special touch. We did everything with analogue gear – it was much more involved, but also fun. I wanted to create a more soulful warm EP and go a lot deeper into production and sound design. I learned a lot doing these tracks and already feel more focused and inspired.

“The EP was inspired by Jan and I’s trips around the world. We spent so much time collecting sounds and impressions, but were never happy with the weather situation anywhere we went. It was raining in almost every place we visited and we of course wanted to go out and explore. So we had to let it out with this EP [laughs].” - Anja Schneider


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