Black Shoes

mobilee059 - Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro - Black Shoes
mobilee059 - Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro - Black Shoes
Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro
9 Nov 2009

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

Earlier this year Argenis Brito made his debut on mobilee in a feature appearance on "No News Today", the single from Exercise One’s album, In Cars We Rust. Now he’s back and he’s brought a friend: fellow Venezuelan Miguel Toro. This new collaboration between two of Cadenza’s finest talents makes it’s official debut on mobilee with "Black Shoes," a cut that pops, crackles, and snaps like you’d never believe.

Dance floor ready yet unwilling to sacrifice an explicit focus on the details, "Black Shoes" pulsates with bass while suggesting a kind of lightness as whispered and fragmented voices hiss and murmur in the background. The melodics, which give off the feel of being in constant flux, provide a nice contrast to the intensely regularized bass drum while simultaneously meshing with the popping percussion that guide the track along its course. Breakdowns filled with the sounds of static and 8-bit provide a nice experimental touch to this track that works equally well as a late-night romp as it does on the headphones.

B-side "Speech" also gives off a stuttered feel but is even more blippy and fragmented than its counterpart while migrating towards a more jacking vibe. Brito and Toro compliment this fractured sound with extensive use of vocal samples - both spoken and sung - that, while incomprehensible, lock in seamlessly with the overall feel of the track. Melody here references both vintage sounds and traditional minimalism with the end result being a fusion of the two that is truly extraordinary.

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