A Study In You

mobilee082 - Dan Curtin - A Study In You
Dan Curtin
1 Aug 2011

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Music is the Lifeblood of Dan Curtin. From his beginnings in early 1990s Cleveland, Ohio, to current day Berlin, Germany, the pioneering DJ and producer continues to defy conventions and push boundaries.

After his album release on mobilee he worked on some projects for his own imprint "Metamorphic" and has remixed artist Uniforms' new release 'March Of No Coincidence' on Trunkfunk, and he will also be featured on the 20 years of Soma records compilation with his remix of IBO's 'Rejuvination'.

Now we have him back on mobilee with his single "A Study In You". 3 tracks that don´t necessarily fit into any category but are must have´s for every serious dance music collector and house DJ.

1 A Study In You
2 Breath Deeply feat. Moto
3 Don´t Tell

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