mobilee047 - Dan Curtin - Beatfiend
mobilee047 - Dan Curtin - Beatfiend
Dan Curtin
19 Jan 2009

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

Dan Curtin is back and banging drums! His A-side, "Beat Fiend," is right on the nose! A sole drummer in a transcendental musical village warmly welcomes the listener followed by several hollow rolling drums as pied piper ravels and whirls through the village.

Pressure and tension build up through various woodwinds and percussion as instrument-armed villagers pour out into empty alleys in synchronized dance motions spreading revolutionary joy throughout the ceremonial voyage. Listen closely, a single faded hip-hop lyricist leads the people to a full blown dance party. This track effectively plays the puppeteer to anyone listening; manipulating and leaving no limbs to rest.

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