Berlin Bedlam

Leena017 - Dapayk Solo - Berlin Bedlam
Dapayk Solo
16 Jul 2010

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Originally started to enable mobilee records to work with a wider breadth of artists, Leena records has become a powerful entity, with an ever growing variety of releases. Sometimes featuring one-off projects, it's a platform whereby Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann can promote music from other producers who are acquainted with the label and whose sounds and talent they admire. Dapayk Solo (Niklas Worgt) is one of said artists, but he is certainly no stranger to the label after his two impressive remixes of Pan-Pot's 'Confronted' on mobilee at the end of last year.

Leena017 witnesses Dapayk Solo in full bloom and with space to breathe. A-Side "Berlin Bedlam" builds up layers upon layers of synths, paving the way for a break out of melodic charms that arrive. It's a cinematic sound scape that could be played at any number of stages over the course of the night. B-Side "Fawlty" is equally as melodic, but certainly fulfills the role of the calm after the storm. Minimal, but with musical flare, it's the perfect companion. The digital exclusive "Motolee" is calm and hypnotic at first, but then some surprisingly deep and powerful synths arrive to take you can hear, Leena is full of surprises!

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