Exercise One - In Cars We Rust

mobileeCD008 - Exercise One - Exercise One - In Cars We Rust
Exercise One
25 May 2009

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Exercise One: DJs know them as crafters of cracking tracks on wax. Clubbers around the world know them as a live act that hurtles like a runaway train. Now, prepare to meet another side of the Berlin-based duo. In Cars We Rust is their debut album, and it presents the most complete picture of Exercise One’s world to date.

The dancefloor stormers are still there, and the record’s flow is guided by the same spirit of improvisation that drives their live sets. But the clubbier material is rounded out by sounds we’ve never heard from Exercise One before: gorgeous, enveloping ambient tracks; soundtrack-ready synthesizer ballads; even a kind of retro-futurist electro-pop. Best of all, it all hangs together with ease.

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