mobilee034 - Exercise One - Intensity
mobilee034 - Exercise One - Intensity
Exercise One
18 Feb 2008

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

The masters of the hypnotic groove are back! Exercise One come bruising into springtime with two raw, exuberant cuts sure to knock the sleep out of clubbers reluctantly crawling out of hibernation.

The duo – Marco Freivogel and Ingo Gansera – had a rip-roaring year in 2007, touring their infectious, unpredictable live show on three continents, and releasing the acclaimed single Dark Star for Mobilee as well as remixes for Tam Cooper, Philip Sherburne and even dubstep maverick Shackleton.

Now, on their fourth EP for mobilee, they bring two more tracks of their spring-loaded wormhole funk. Tightly coiled, swathed in reverb from the get-go, "Intensity" lives up to its name with aplomb. The patented Exercise One rat-a-tat rapture is on full display as distorted toms ping-pong across the spectrum. Red-hot hi-hats and handclaps lay out a lithe, housey skip. Peeling away the clockworks, the boys gradually reveal an alternate plane of space-time where swirls of feedback and delay tear across the surface of the track like twisters. "Intensity" is an invitation to levitation. "Ceremony", meanwhile, reveals a kinder, gentler side of the duo without sacrificing anything in the impact department. Titled in homage to the Ian Curtis-penned song of the same name, "Ceremony" has something of a split personality. It opens with a long spool of controlled syncopations and delicate filtering that build and build across four minutes of easy-going abandon. And then a curious thing happens: with the hips on cruise control, the heart kicks, in with slowly unfolding chords as undeniable as the dawn. The last four minutes of the track play out in a delicious tension between the bump and grind of the drums and the weightless wonder of the pads. This is no exercise, it’s the real deal: an afterhours masterpiece that’s not afraid to be optimistic.

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