mobilee122 - Geddes - Waiting
6 Dec 2013

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€7.50 Vinyl 12"

Geddes returns to Mobilee, an invitation to inject another dose of London's elegant toughness and atmosphere into the Berlin label.

'Waiting' masterfully keeps the listener on the edge, teasingly building momentum with measured intensity. As it gallops into its stride it finally reveals itself as a work of rhythmic tension and hedonistic release. Hypnotic. 'The Sound' is a siren that assembles bodies, a weapon built to shut down dance floors.

Something dangerous lurks between the pulses of bass, flickers of kick drum and snapping high-hats. An entity that invites repeat listening.'Young' is a funkier affair, yet the overall tone is darker, more introverted. Ghostly vocals like half-forgotten memories tie the elements together into a satisfying package.

Urgent yet effortless, each track is unmistakably different - yet unmistakably Geddes.


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