Back to Back Vol. 2 - mixed and compiled by GummiHz

mobileeCD004 - Various Artists - Back to Back Vol. 2 - mixed and compiled by GummiHz
Various Artists
18 Feb 2008

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Back to Back Vol. 2 is a two-pronged probe at the heart of the mobilee aesthetic: CD1 is an unmixed disc of essential selections from the label, all appearing for the first time on CD, while CD2 takes the listener on a DJ’s guided tour of the catalogue in its living, breathing, electrifying flux. 27 tracks mixed in 12 Chapters/Trackmarks.

If you still think of mobilee as simply a minimal label, then CD1 should change your mind. Opening with Pan-Pot feat. Vicenzo’s lush, piano-led “Faces,” the disc presents the label at its most melodic. Most of the tracks are this year’s, but not all: Sebo K’s now-classic “Too Hot” comes from the very first mobilee 12-inch single, and is finally available for the vinyl-impaired. Other highlights include label-head Anja Schneider’s liquid and hypnotic “Belize,” Sleeper Thief’s heart-rendingly deep “Cenotes,” Marc Antona’s caffeinated and off-kilter “One More Sugar,” Marco Resmann’s haunted “Gouache,” and Jennifer Cardini’s restrained (yet raving) “August in Paris.” Rounding out this impeccable collection are two exclusive tracks from GummiHz, presented here for the first time in any format.

GummiHz – aka London-based Alexander Tsotsos – takes the reins on CD2, delivering a seductive mix of no fewer than 27 tracks from mobilee’s catalogue, all re-edited and re-combined into a single session that positively ripples with energy. “The concept behind the mix is to showcase the functionality of mobilee’s sound on the dancefloor,” says Tsotsos. “Based on my DJ experience, my approach was to create a context for the material rather than just to present it, to mold the sound even further using edits and loops from different tracks, which in the end compile one adventurous story from the label’s catalogue.” Some edits were made in Logic, but for spontaneity’s sake the mix was performed in real-time in Ableton Live.

Even serious collectors of mobilee have never heard these cuts played quite like this, making Back to Back Vol. 2 an essential purchase for longtime fans and new listeners alike. If CD1 shows a more sensitive side of the label, CD2 presents mobilee at its most muscular. Clockwork polyrhythms, spellbinding sequences, psychoactive leads, riveting riffs, and washes of background ambience swirl together into a streamlined groove machine. Best of all, it never sounds like the result of hours of editing – instead, GummiHz’s mix recasts the DJ’s role as a kind of (hyper)active listening: engaged, engrossing, and above all human. A very special mix, for a very special label.

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