Bar Loca EP

mobilee022 - GummiHz - Bar Loca EP
mobilee022 - GummiHz - Bar Loca EP
19 Mar 2007

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This is already GummiHz´s third release on mobilee. This talented greek guy has a gigantic output. Therefore we decided to make an exception and put 4 tracks on a mobilee 12” for the first time. More pleasure for all of us. Alex Tsotsos is keeping his concept of unnatural bouncing, twisting and elastic groove patterns alive. All four tracks have GummiHz´s specific signature. He delivers some booty shaking frequencies.

The opening track “Temptation” is a layered atmospheric piece of music with a steady tight drum arrangement. “A casa” is a simple groove wi th a dominant sub melody. “Los los” has an energetic groove with a synth line which pays a tribute to older detroit sound. The last piece of the puzzle is „Twisted“. A sublime moody groove – the perfect tool for the dancefloor.

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