Mind Games

mobilee031 - GummiHz - Mind Games
mobilee031 - GummiHz - Mind Games
7 Nov 2007

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

What does desire sound like?

In the hands of GummiHz, aka London’s Alexander Tsotsos, it sounds very dark indeed. His track “Desire” is no roll in the hay, even if it does open with a spindly drum pattern as brittle as straw. It’s no walk in the park, either—unless the park in question is steeped in inky midnight and crawling with ominous shapes. As restrained as ever, GummiHz lets the tension build, unidentifiable blasts of static rustling in the underbrush, as a plaintive, blippy wave comes needling across the stereo field like a coded signal coaxing the demons out to play. As gravelly voice mutters “Desire” over and over, it’s clear that this is a psychodrama of the bleakest kind.

On the flip, “Hypnotize“, despite its title, carries a lighter touch—but only barely. Once again, GummiHz bases his menacing minimal melody on the tritone—aka the “devil’s interval,” banned by the Roman Catholic Church throughout the Middle Ages for its supposedly demonic qualities. But this time a nimbly stepping bassline and a sprightly, skipping beat counterbalance the creepy-crawly high end. Just keep your eyes on the watch as it swings back and forth and let yourself go. This is GummiHz’s fourth EP for mobilee, and it proves him once again a master of seductive restraint. Both tracks are bound to captivate peak-hour crowds and bleary-eyed afters alike.

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