Modern Dynamic

mobilee013 - GummiHz - Modern Dynamic
mobilee013 - GummiHz - Modern Dynamic
31 Jul 2006

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GummiHz´s 2nd release on mobilee comes straight from the bottom of his heart. The Concept of “Modern Dynamic” is based on developing grooves by manipulating the dynamics of a sound, rather than composing melodies.

A1 – “Gomma Elastica” consists of a steady groove with a few surprises taking place in the sonic spectrum and a dominating fm tone evolving throughout the arrangement. It is the kind of tune that delivers pure freakness on the dance floor.

B1 – “The First Time” is set in a deeper atmosphere with a sweet electric piano groove appearing in the end, reminiscent of the starting time of deep house. Agony develops during the first minutes of the track, leading to a relaxed groove in theme with the sweet summer breeze.

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