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mobilee009 - GummiHz - Select & Bounce
mobilee009 - GummiHz - Select & Bounce
10 Apr 2006

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London based GummiHz a.k.a Alexander Tsotsos of Greek origin, started a long-term relationship with electronic music as a dj in 1994. For the last four years he has been producing tracks to incorporate his own ideas to offer a more unique sound to his dj-sets and also to perform live. Alex has a passion for producing elastic/rubbery frequencies for bodies to respond to, hence the nickname of GummiHz. Main influences are the minimal house and techno scenes of the past, the present and the future. He is part of the fast growing minimal scene around Argy, Ed Davenport and some more talented musicians from London. A project together with the Italoboys will follow on Treibstoff soon.

This two tracker on mobilee is his first 12” vinyl release. The A-Side track Isolate is a percussive minimal groove monster, opening up the mouth with a radiation emergency rave signal from time to time. Dangerous!

A.A.K.N.Y. on the other side has a similar concept with a lot of tension build ups and releases in its layers.

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