Under the Sun

mobilee039 - GummiHz - Under the Sun
mobilee039 - GummiHz - Under the Sun
7 Jul 2008

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After compiling Mobilee´s Back To Back Two Compilation end of last year and touring across europe with his mobilee mates, he is back with a new 12". This is GummiHz’s fifth EP for Mobilee. In a cold, gray world of mixed emotions „Under the Sun“ rejoices the return of the hot and sultry summer season. Rapidly drawing in its listeners with ceremonial beats and hidden hypnotic layers that slowly rise to the surface bringing the audience to an imaginative compelling summer adventure. Ominous sounds take the soul through a journey of hot sand, warm oceans and rays of hot yellow sun spawning beads of liquid crystal, glazing the skin. Innocent yet quite provoking at moments, „Under the Sun“ is a track that will bring audiences to an emotional peak on the dance floor. Quite opposite of GummiHz’s summer adventure, "You and Me feat. Ruxsandra," embraces the ears with a more rhythmic composition. A female dominant subconscious impels the audience to shake the dance floor with swaying hip forces in between metrical steps in sync to its most outer layer. A more sensual, slightly dark and minimal arrangement with various surprises in sound design prevails as an intensified dynamic organ thrust carries the listener through the track.

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