Got Fringe?

mobilee052 - Hector - Got Fringe?
mobilee052 - Hector - Got Fringe?
1 Jun 2009

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico but having long since relocated to London, Hector is rapidly establishing himself as one of the most exciting young producers and DJs on the planet. His breakthrough 12" "La Raza" was released on Dinky’s Horizontal imprint last year and found its way into sets by the likes of Onur Özer, Ricardo Villalobos, Dinky and Appleblim. By effortlessly balancing his will to experiment with a commitment to the founding spirit of house, by mixing up styles and moods but always focusing firmly on the dance-floor’s needs and desires, Hector’s sound manages to nod to house music’s past while fully engaging with its future. His DJ sets have energy, precision and soul and his day-job running one of the world’s most renowned record shops - Phonica in London - has made him and his extensive record collection a popular choice at clubs such as Fabric, T Bar, Weekend and Watergate.

We are excited to welcome him as the newest addition to the mobilee roster. Those familiar with "La Raza" might be startled upon first listen of "Got Fringe?," as Hector begins by trading in a slower house tempo for a thumping kick drum and eschews ping-pong sounds in favor of bongos and congas. Just when everything appears clear-cut, the bass is pulled out completely and the high frequencies rise and begin to lead the way, unveiling that the first few minutes of the track only hinted at what was to come. As the track moves steadily above water, melodic stabs of synthesizer join the landscape, maintaining a sense of stability until they are stretched and twisted into their barest components before fading out completely. By the end of the track these jabs of melody have fully transformed themselves into worms wriggling their way through a complex, stomping, vocal-fueled percussive landscape and it is immediately clear that Hector has answered his own question with a resounding “Yes!” “Taking Me for a Ride?”

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