Enduro Disco

leena001 - Holger Zilske - Enduro Disco
Holger Zilske
4 Jun 2007

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

LEENA 01 comes courtesy Holger Zilske, better known as the asteroid-zapping Smash TV, and the two tunes may surprise listeners expecting more of his brash, melodic dramatics. "Enduro Disko" is a creepy-crawly portrait of suspended animation. A shuffling, succubus-like beat grips the head, starts it nodding, and slowly works its fingers down to hips, knees and feet. Slippery legato keys grease the mind with questionable intentions, and a seasick siren's call corkscrews its way deep into the dancer's soul.

"Aura" is no less possessed, reconfiguring classic deep house cadences into a horror-movie score filled with creaky floorboards and telltale hearts. Still, its lightness of touch—delicate staccato arpeggios, tip-toeing syncopations—keeps it from slipping into the gloom. It's simply a groover for those who like to flirt with the dark side, a sly smile that disappears into a Cheshire grin as the needle runs out.

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