Master Plan

Leena024 - Jona - Master Plan
9 Jul 2012

Available on

"Masterplan", a three-part EP, is Jona's latest rendering to be stacked on top of Leena's catalogue of 24. The main theme can be heard through paralyzing sounds of the paranormal pulling together three vastly unique tempoed numbers. "Masterplan" is the first and most present track of the group. There's no need for a strong baseline here as the track builds off various sound elements triggering even the most hidden sensory nerves. Your mind is the galaxy and Jona is the maestro on his own Enterprise as he soars into the second number: "Out Of Sight".

Like its corresponding title states, this number is intensely "Out Of Sight" with faster beats exploring new parallels of lengths while prancing towards deeper darkness.And finally, you have arrived at the ultimate a peak: paranoia. "Superstition" nudges you conscious while cradling you down to earth to the soothing sounds of seductive vocals. The track rounds off the EP perfectly with a vigilant comedown. Jona is a master of experimentation in exploring new sounds, perspectives and ideas. He has released on imprints from the likes of: Get Physical Music, Planet E, Supplement Facts, Airdrop Records, Fumakilla and Resopal Schallware. Not a first timer on Leena, Jona's track will be available on July 9.

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