Marcin Czubala - Chronicles of Never

mobilee042 - Marcin Czubala - Marcin Czubala - Chronicles of Never
mobilee042 - Marcin Czubala - Marcin Czubala - Chronicles of Never
Marcin Czubala
1 Sep 2008

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"Never say never," goes the old phrase, but Marcin Czubala might see it differently.

For Marcin, never is a state of mind - not the site of the unthinkable but a space for alternate possibilities, imaginative leaps and unfamiliar physics. Chronicles of Never is a report back from Marcin’s personal otherworlds, a collection of postcards from a fleeting place.

There are those that say that house and techno are “singles genres,” that they don’t lend themselves to the album format. To the long list of albums that prove those critics wrong, add Chronicles of Never. Marcin’s first album for mobilee - and in fact his first full-length since 2001, despite dozens of singles over the years - is not just a collection of dance tracks. While remaining faithful to an undeniable physical impulse, Marcin has granted himself uncommonly free rein to explore every corner of his psyche, with results running from the unburdened to the manic, from the sensual to the spaced-out.

They all flow together like the colors of the spectrum, emotional states bleeding into others in tracks that twist and turn as imperceptibly as the moments of a long night out. The album’s cohesive sense of freedom stems in large part to the way it was recorded, over a span of seven or eight months in which Marcin liberated himself from pressures and deadlines. Certain sounds and motifs occur and reoccur - muted hand drums, faraway voices, gleaming keyboards and dusty syncopations. But despite a certain consistency of mood - there’s something hushed about Marcin’s music, even at its most intense- every track invents its own world and operates according to its own logic. Not the logic of the club, or much less the logic of “minimal,” but a unique atmosphere for each, a unique ecology of sounds adapted specifically to their environment.

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