Just Away

mobilee087 - Marcin Czubala - Just Away
Marcin Czubala
21 Nov 2011

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€8.50 Vinyl

Marcin Czubala has been a busy man of late but the paper work certainly hasn't stopped the creativity flowing. Whilst setting up his own imprint 'Your Mama's Friend', for which he produced the first release, he is now back with a very strong EP for mobilee records 'Just Away'. As someone who is always moving forward and looking to expand in new ways, Czubala applies the same philosophy to his music production and this release presents a very fresh look on modern house music.

'Just Away' features four tracks, each of which are expertly produced and have their own moment in the night, with much more bass, rawness and energy than his previous releases. Whilst the title track warms the floor with drawn out synths and a expectant bassline, 'Memory Lane' is an obvious peak time killer. Meanwhile on the flip, 'Not Like This' and 'Pleasure Control' carry a calmer deep house vibe, but still enough of a kick to keep the floor moving. Enjoy!

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