mobilee053 - Marcin Czubala - Mezcalinna
mobilee053 - Marcin Czubala - Mezcalinna
Marcin Czubala
22 Jun 2009

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

Following the success of his last LP, Chronicles of Never, and his recent track "Jedwab" on Nick Curly’s 8bit imprint, Marcin Czubala makes his return to mobilee with Mezcalinna.

Continuing his string of exceptional releases bearing his unmistakable signature marks—slinky, undulating grooves full of bizarre twists and turns that ceaselessly continue to surprise the listener - Mezcalinna is comprised of two tracks whose continuities only serve to highlight the ways in which they differentiate themselves from and act as complements to one another. "Day 1" begins with a heavy bass line echoed by a stuttering percussive beat that guides the rhythm until the vocal chants and kick drum drop. Accented by occasional drum fills and cymbal crashes, the track reaches it’s climax with the entrance of a lone piano chord that, despite its initially alienating presence, ultimately serves as a means of melding and unifying the track’s constituent components.

If "Day 1" is an early morning track, "Day 2" provides its counterpart as a nighttime dance floor stormer with a darker sound and haunting, reverb-laced vocals. Also beginning with a splattering of percussion but taking a decidedly somber turn with dissonant synthesizer stabs and an eerie vocal loop that shadows the track from beginning to end, rhythm and creative use of contorted vocals lead the way as this track zigzags in a way that only Marcin Czubala can make music do.

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