Chasing You

mobilee014 - Sleeper Thief - Chasing You
mobilee014 - Sleeper Thief - Chasing You
Sleeper Thief
21 Aug 2006

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Sleeper Thief is based in London, UK. It is a collaboration between Miss Jools and Audiofly, who have come together to create a new sound, based on their differing musical backgrounds and influences.

Miss Jools is not only a well known DJ figure on the underground scene, but is also the co-founder of Clandestino, Londons most infamous Sunday night affair. Audiofly have been steadily carving themselves out a niche as producers and DJ’s over the last couple of years. Recently they have been pushing a more underground sound in various disguises (& collaborations), with some original productions for the likes of Maschine and Connaisseur Recordings and remixes for artists such as Claude Von Stroke and Gus Gus to name a couple.

Their first release, the Freeride E.P (64 records) gained instant notoriety on the underground. They followed the success with their first release with 2 remixes, one for the same label, for CCCP called “Cosmodrome Baikanur,” and another for Phonique, called” What I fake,” which will be released on Tiefschwarz new label “Souvenir”.

The “Chasing You” E.P is deep and musical, with powerful rhythmic structures. Solid beats and basslines, against a backdrop of spacious melodies is the Sleeper Thief sound, and this formula will see them go from strength to strength in the months to come

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