La Luna

mobilee046 - Miss Jools - La Luna
mobilee046 - Miss Jools - La Luna
Miss Jools
15 Dec 2008

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

She may be new to the mobilee label but Miss Jools is no rookie. As the front face of Sleeper Thief, a musical collaboration between Miss Jools and Audiofly, this wickedspinner as been a key figure of London’s underground music circuit. Now, at full blast with mobilee records, the vicious DJane releases her first mobilee EP.

A full moon and a glass of Sangria gave life to the first track, "La Luna," meaning "the moon," in Spanish. The sound takes one through a feeling of concentration and progress. Wooden taps and beats rapidly make a contemplative melody at the start of the track, quickly altering the listener to peaceful and relaxing humming sounds. At this point, the object of our imagination is looking out the window toward the bright white moon as delicate wind sways the leafy branches of a tree to and fro. The humming transitions into a background intermission as contemplation takes place when suddenly a notion begins to take full stream and the rhythmic wooden beats come into play at full force. A wordless song is born.

The second track, "Que Me Levante" is the Spanish meaning of, "you lift me up." This track takes the listener to a spiritual place above the skies. With more dance signals than its counterpart, "La Luna," this track boasts an airy dance groove, almost as if the clouds were the dance floor. Minimalistic dance beats keep the rhythms and beats consistent throughout the track with distant angels and light metals in the background making this track like a dance in heaven. Both tracks are great for working and mellowing out on the dance floor. "La Luna" is just a teaser into the style of Miss Jools.

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