London Asylum

mobilee116 - Miss Jools - London Asylum
Miss Jools
9 Aug 2013

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Miss Jools releases may be be modest in number, but she is woven deeper than ever into the Mobilee fabric. In stepping back into the studio with Scott Kemp, Miss Jools has signalled that her production hiatus is officially over, and now Berlin's favourite transplant revisits the madness of her former home with London Asylum.

The title track stalks the city's late night streets, moody and brooding with a washy vocal treatment and a deep, sultry pace. "Counter Culture" is just as sleek and seductive, with a thick bassline and a vintage UK tech house feel. Fellow ex-Londoner Anthea provides the "Expectation Remix" of "Counter Culture", but expect the unexpected: it's dark and stark, and a real deep techno workout.


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