Black Lodge

mobilee012 - Pan-Pot - Black Lodge
mobilee012 - Pan-Pot - Black Lodge
17 Jul 2006

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The Black Lodge is known as the extradimensional mystery place in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. We don’t want to know Pan-Pot´s exact relationship to Laura Palmer – but the new mobilee release contains two extradimensional tracks that contain countless rooms with endless sound creations.

It’s the third Pan-Pot Release on mobilee, and it seems that the boys are on a mission to create their very own shelf in the minimal techno circus.

A1 – Black Dog is produced by Marco Resmann, Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix. The Dog is digging a deep hole in the dirt. He is sure to hide the big bone in this place. He is digging and digging… and finally he found what he was looking for. Just imagine the smile on the dog´s face. It seems you look like a dog.

B1 – Black Widow is produced by Pan-Pot´s Tassilo & Thomas. It´s a very playful track with a lot of changes in different directions. The Widow is spinning its small net bouncing from one end to the other. The atmospheric final is the most beautiful sound landscape we have heard in recent times. For those who know – only a very famous musician from Detroit could have done it better.

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