Captain My Captain Remixes

MOBILEE077 - Pan-Pot - Captain My Captain Remixes
21 Feb 2011

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Pan-Pot feat. Cari Golden "Captain My Captain" (Booka Shade Remix) "Captain My Captain" (Daniel Stefanik Remix) "Captain My Captain" (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)

A release as epic as Pan-Pot's feat. Cari Golden 'Captain My Captain' deserves as much attention as it can get, which has certainly been the case since its release in November last year. Now the crew are back, with an impressive team of remixers on board, so get ready for a storm out at sea again!First to walk the plank are Booka Shade with their own stadium filling dark and driving take on the original cut. They are followed by Daniel Stefanik who adds more of a rippling and loopy effect to the production, as if you were caught in a maelstrom. Finally, label colleague Rodriguez Jr. presents something perhaps for the calm after the storm, with nice long bass chords and a gentle skip in the beat. Enjoy!

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