Confronted Remixes

mobilee061 - Pan-Pot - Confronted Remixes
mobilee061 - Pan-Pot - Confronted Remixes
14 Dec 2009

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

This past summer Pan-Pot made a mark with their first release on mobilee in quite some time entitled Confronted. For the Confronted Remixes we invited on board a couple of our favorite artists for their take on Pan-Pot.

Adam Beyer and Jesper Dahlbäck's remix presents us with a harder version of the original that is even more driving, industrial and gargantuan that its predecessor. Blurps of noise and static, air-clearing thunderclaps and extensive distortion make the epic nature of the original even more colossal. Here the vocals of the original take the backseat and, when they do appear, they do so in a fragmented and distorted form. With intense atmospherics that demand your attention, Beyer and Dahlbäck's remix focuses exclusively on the darkest components of the original.

Martin Landsky's remix starts off at an easier pace than its A-side, exploring the softer side of “Confronted.” Whereas the A-side puts the original in overdrive, the B-side focusing on subtle changes while toning down the noise and static. The edge and rawness of the original is still maintained, but in a more melodic form that continually laces the backdrop. Accents of percussion add a nice touch, and the vocals are slowed down and presented in looped form at the track's peak, backed by the crisp bass melody, tinkering percussion, and—of course—a driving bass drum.

Dapayk takes Pan-Pot deep, managing to transform what was driving techno into bouncy tech-house with a stronger focus on melody while Slam's Paragraph Mix takes a cue from Pan-Pot's earlier, more clicky and bleepy work.

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