Obscenity EP

mobilee005 - Pan-Pot - Obscenity EP
mobilee005 - Pan-Pot - Obscenity EP
7 Nov 2005

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This is the second Pan-Pot release on mobilee records. It is a massive follow up to mobilee002 and the “Maffia ep” on Einmaleins Music. Meanwhile Marco Resmann who is one third of the Pan-Pot guys, successfully released under the moniker Luna City Express on Moon Harbour Recordings and as Phage & Daniel Dreier on Highgrade Records.

Pan-Pot are at the time without a doubt the freshest producers and DJs from Berlin. Since their first release "Popy & Caste“ on mobilee the 3 guys earned a lot of attention. We are happy to present their second EP „Obscenity“ on mobilee which is a real minimal monster for the clubfloor. With their new tracks „Randy Ho´“ and „P.O Box“ the virtuosos of sound will show us how warm wintertime could be.

You’ll love the basslines, which will leave you open-mouthed on the dancefloor. The release has the feeling of an early morning – very dewy and so fresh. Call it minimal, call it crisp and cool, call it whatever you like. For us it’s the untouchable Pan-Pot style from the heart of Berlin’s underground

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