Popy & Caste

mobilee002 - Pan-Pot - Popy & Caste
mobilee002 - Pan-Pot - Popy & Caste
20 Jun 2005

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In Berlin three ambitioned students share their love for minimal techno, house grooves and artificial sounds.

Tassilo Ippenberger, born at lake Chiemsee in Bavaria, is a passionate DJ who gave up studying journalism, meets Thomas Benedix, a cook from Templin. Both new to Berlin, they sign up at SAE taking “electronic music producer” classes. Since music’s not only to be produced, but also to be played, they start out with their own series of parties, where at one night Marco Resmann a.k.a. DJ Phage plays his set. They already know him from his time at SAE. Marco, from Berlin, has a flaming, passionate love for house and is well known in the scene.

Marco has been producing music since 1998, in 2002 he released “Volkspark EP” on Martin Landsky’s Label Intim Recordings. With his DJ Partner Norman Webber, Marco Resmann also forms the project Luna City Express with the first release on Moon Harbour in April 2005. Marco Resmann is a team worker, but also the mastermind of his many projects. One afternoon all of them meet in Marco Resmann’s Audiogain Studio and the project Pan-Pot was born.

Pan-Pot is the perfect symbiosis of ambitioned electronic musicians who share a passion for music. The huge variety in their musical influences and the professional background they gained at SAE allows them to find their very own groove. Strongly influenced by the origins of house and the omnipresent minimal techno a great variety of sound creations comes into being. “Schuss Aus Der Hüfte” and “Popy & Caste” are their first vinyl releases.

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