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mobilee037 - Pan-Pot - The Remixes
mobilee037 - Pan-Pot - The Remixes
21 Apr 2008

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

Pan-Pot’s debut longplayer Pan-o-Rama turns out to be the gift that just keeps on giving. First there was the lead single “Charly”, backed by an infectious remix from Lady Mobilee herself, Anja Schneider. Now they hand the baton to Marco Resmann and Zander VT, who each perform their own magic on two more killer cuts from the album.

Marco Resmann’s is something of an inside job, given that he used to be a member of Pan-Pot in the group’s early days. Resmann is nothing if not prolific: in addition to performing solo as Phage and as a member of the groups Luna City Express and Phage & Daniel Dreier, he runs the Upon You label. His rework of “Ape Will Never Kill Ape” is a perfect fusion of Pan-Pot’s shadowy, percussive style and Resmann’s own sensuous, darkside sensibility. Retaining the pitched-down vocals of the original version, he drapes Pan-Pot’s scuffed, insistent rhythms in cobwebs and gloom, as though sweeping the floors of a haunted sandpaper factory. There’s only the barest whisper of melody, in the form of eerie flutes that float like stray clouds; the song is driven less by linear movement than a kind of magnetic attraction between carefully tuned drums and percussive sounds. At once porous and packed with detail, it creates an energy field you won’t want to leave.

BPitch Control’s Zander VT turn their attentions to “Crank.” The original was a nervous, metallic groover marked by a restless skip and apocalyptic stabs, but Zander VT amp up on the anti-anxiety meds to deliver a version that’s looser and more upbeat – well, a touch, anyway. Dark, dubby chords paint a sky that’s steely-grey, but their beats are so springy that no one will be left brooding for long. The track is marked with a masterful sense of pacing that builds up and eases off almost imperceptibly: there are gimmicks here, just slow-burning drama and the kind of peace that comes with breathing deeply.

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