Love Is Super Food

mobilee113 - Ranacat - Love Is Super Food
14 Jun 2013

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Every now and then the brains behind the mobilee operation come across new talent without a big search. What started as a civilized chat and a friendly music exchange at a mobilee warehouse showcase in London, ultimately became a record deal for the Argentinean born DJ/Producer, Pablo Ranacat, better known as Ranacat.

It's notably his style that makes this fresh face another dazzling and unique charm to the mobilee outfit. In his 10 years in London, he's established a reputable name as one of the cities most sought after promoters. Ranacat's beats fill out popular warehouse parties such as Toi Toi, Exstatic Sounds and his residency at Select*Elect. If anyone knows how to evolve with the times without losing that classic touch, it's Ranacat and his Frankenstein fusions of hip-hop and rock combined with eclectic house beats.

His first EP will headline the mobilee113 as "Love Is Super Food". The 4-track combo is a bit more melodic and dance orientated than his rock and roll roots would suggest but these DJ-friendly tracks are sure to garner some turntable time from producers and acts worldwide.

Mobilee is proud to introduce the world to its talented new protégé – a star in the making who's turning heads, filling blogs and gracing event posters. Look out for Ranacat at Vertigo Festival this summer!

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