Mad Man

mobilee131 - Ranacat - Mad Man
23 May 2014

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Originally hailing from Rosario, Argentina but currently living in London for the past decade, Pablo Ranacat has been heavily influenced by his Latin origins and his current English lifestyle. From his early experimental roots in a band where he fused Hip-hop, Rock, and much more to his love for House music, there are a few things you can expect from him, eclectic taste and musical diversity. This shines through as one of the masterminds behind Sneaky Music; a label that showcases predominantly UK Deep House while taking inspiration anywhere from Detroit Techno to Italian House.

His follow up EP Mad Man on Mobilee is a showcase of his cleaver style of Deep House combined with Nu Disco that creates a triumphant new sound. Ranacat takes inspiration from his eclectic taste and fuses it together flawlessly to create his own version of Deep House. Ranacat's follow up to Love Is Super Food, brings us a more up beat experience without ever losing his signature sound. We start our trip through the asylum with "Mad Man." When we first enter we are slowly taken on a journey of rhythm and percussion until the first break down, then a catchy melody kicks in and when the kick hits it's sure to cause a stir on the dance floor with hands in the air insanity. Next we reach the "Dreamstage" a stage that brings us a classic House vibe with piano stabs and a feel good bass line. An added twist with the melody and vocals sung by Ranacat himself reminds us we are still in a dream like world of imagination. After returning to reality from our pleasant dream we are taken on one last trip this time to a place of love with "Keep Your Love" another solid flavor of Deep House with deep dubby pads and groovy base lines that are destined to keep us moving.


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