Booty EP

mobilee076 - Ray Okpara - Booty EP
Ray Okpara
28 Mar 2011

Available on

"A crowd teaser and crowd pleaser, constantly rocking it with music to make you smile" is a very fitting description of mobilee's next new guest, Ray Okpara. With a string of big releases on labels including Oslo, Get Physical and Remote Area, he has always stuck by his groovy, soulful and deep house trademark style and his brand new EP on mobilee 'Booty' is no exception to the rule! Listening to Soul, Funk and Hip Hop at a younger age, he has carried these influences throughout his musical career, blossoming into an internationally renowned DJ, live act and producer.

Title track 'Booty' is built upon an inescapable and neverending tightly swung groove, whilst 'Crabapple Road' comes with a nice and deep bouncing bass line. 'Modern Dance' and 'Coyoacan' follow suit with an equal amount of energy, creating a very strong collection of dance floor ammunition, which will likely be heard in clubs across the globe.

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