Good Times Album

mobileeCD015 - Ray Okpara - Good Times Album
Ray Okpara
12 Nov 2012

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Summer 2012 presented an array of diversely rhythmic EPs from some of the imprint’s fresher faces, keeping playlists of mobilee lovers alive and up-to-date. Now back in full swing with an all-out release that can only be described as a musical piñata bursting with eclectic beats, mobilee has their house specialist on the case. Whether it is deep, tech, percussive, disco, Chicago or minimal, Ray Okpara doesn’t leave any sub-genre out of the pool. In a lucid representation of himself, Ray delivers an 11-piece bundle of soul lifting, mind and body empowering dance tracks under the core title, “Good Times”.

Baring a positive outlook on life, Ray’s music reflects the very essence of his free-spirited personality. From Mannheim by way of Nigeria, he was fortunate to experience life through multi-cultural eyes. With a passion for music, Ray is notorious for incorporating many influential African grooves and hip-hop beats into modern German techno music, making him a major contributor in reviving Mannheim’s electronic music scene. Together with Johnny D and later Nick Curley, Ray put the infamous RAJO parties at The Loft on the map. Bouncing back and fourth from Mannheim to Berlin, Ray finally unpacked his suitcase in Berlin in 2009 ¬– a difficult decision that has shown to be most rewarding in the past two years with four EP releases and four mixes. His recent appearance in Groove Magazine’s Top 50 Singles at 9th place for his remix of Kindimmer’s “Jack It” was just another confirmation of things moving forward.

Over time spent in Mannheim, Miami and Berlin, Ray dedicated an entire summer to producing his debut album. Inspired by those close to him, the album started with the idea that friends visiting his home in Berlin, as well as friends abroad at the Miami Music Conference, would have a role in helping create the album by contributing vocals and other ideas to four of the tracks.

Katrin Cürük who is featured on two tracks first swept Ray away with her beautiful voice when spontaneously popping in with her boyfriend and Ray’s best friend, Marc Julius. “Hero” was born when Ray’s pal Justin Side paid him a visit from Copenhagen. Long time Oslo comrade Nekes eventually became woven into the works when Ray met him at his residency at Club Der Visionaere. A trans-Atlantic connection was made from a Winter Music Conference rendezvous with Miami scene boys Wilo & Gil and “Miami 2012” hit the tracklist.

It’s an album unlike any other; brilliantly unplanned yet perfectly pieced together with love, fun, friends and good times.

“The majority of the tracks are more beat orientated and less melodic as people usually associate with me,” says Ray, “however, the harmony and melodies in certain pieces come through the groove of the basses, drums and other natural sounds.”

You’ll hear many 303 and 909 sounds, which Ray has a particular fondness for. You may also recognize a Jesse Jackson quote through a certain cult film snippet (we’ll leave that for you to decipher) and you’ll discover a slightly darker side of Ray toward the end of the album. It will be an organic experience with “Good Times” as all the tracks are dance floor ready and packed with deep, hypnotic and animated grooves.

The digital-only album will be followed by a “’Good Times” Album Tour” through Central and South America, Europe and Asia starting in November. Vinyl lovers can also be part of the good times with a 4-piece front and backside record plate package featuring the following tracks from the original LP:

A1: Cats Love
A2: Who Wants Acid
B1: Hero
B2: Fate
C1: Dr. Sunndys Wisdom
C2: Good Times
D1: Shinigami
D2: Miami 2012

Until then, Ray is staying busy by working on new live sets and release EPs on his own label, AMA recordings.

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